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Legal Lawyers for plaintiffs in a case brought against Microsoft over Vista's marketing have claimed that Microsoft was not telling the truth when it put the "Vista Capable" logo on PCs that would only be capable of running Vista Home Basic. Lawyers claimed that even Microsoft's director of marketing, Mark Croft, had become confused about the meaning of "Vista capable" when giving evidence.
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Not Surprising
by WarpKat on Sat 1st Dec 2007 00:03 UTC
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They've apparently gotten too big even for themselves.

I was chatting with one of our consultants today about the very notion that Vista requires too many resources despite the user being paused almost every step of the way for approval to even look at the desktop.

Vista is today what Apple was way back when Jobs got fired the first time around.

If only they'd get out of the application business and concentrate more on the OS, they'd have a decent product - just imagine the paperclip helper in the Control Panel!


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