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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris IBM and Sun Microsystems are in the final stages of an 18-month-long project to adapt the OpenSolaris operating system to run optimally on Big Blue's z System mainframes. David Boyes, president and chief technology officer of Sine Nomine Associates, a consultancy that handled most of the integration and migration duties, told eWEEK at the Gartner Data Center Conference 2007 that the new IBM-tuned version of OpenSolaris will be ready soon. He declined to be more specific.
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Z series platform
by Arkansas_Rebel on Sat 1st Dec 2007 02:47 UTC
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In the old Enterprise environment I support 3 Z Series running Z/os and I am glad I don't have to anymore.

In all honesty the cost of a IBM Z-series you can purchase a complete Dell server farm and buy Gold support. IBM has some good products but the support is very expensive (hardware/software) and the other vendors have really caught up and by passed big blue.

I remember they installed a Linux distro I think maybe SuSE on an L-Par and they tested it for a little while but that is as far as it went. The new 'smaller' company I am with I support ONLY Red Hat Enterprise Linux, JBOSS, VMWare, some Oracle and NetApp Filers. I do not miss the IBM mainframes at all, nor do I miss the Z/os I would rather really have teeth pulled than go back into the mainframe world.

Sun has a solid OS and the I/O it can achieve on their hardware is very impressive but other vendors are hungry the competition is greater than what it was in the past, also new technologies are on the scene.

Virtualization right now is where it is at and until something else comes along the big expensive hardware platforms will die off a little at a time.

However, the mainframe is NOT going away in some shops with CICS, batchprocessing, and uptime that is really hard to beat it will be very difficult for a place to replace the big iron box...

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