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KDE "The first KDE 4 release will come along with several major changes compared to KDE 3.x. While explanations for these changes have been posted at several places before there is a central list missing which explains the reasons to normal users. This post lists some hot topics and tries to shed some light on the reasons behind certain decisions." Update: The release date for KDE 4.0 has been postponed from mid-December to January 11th 2008. I'll be sure to give you my address, Aaron. Insert smiley face.
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by Savior on Sat 1st Dec 2007 18:24 UTC
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It seems like there were, and still are many debates about how things should look -- but this is to be expected. If it is really that flexible as they say, I am sure sooner or later (sooner) everyone will be able to tune the desktop to his/her needs.

I just hope that the menu can be changed back to the old style. I like the stone age, so I change it back whenever I have to work with Windows.

Anyway, did someone realize that "powerful" was written with double 'l' not only in the post, but in the comments as well? Is this another KDE syntax convention? ;)

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