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KDE "The first KDE 4 release will come along with several major changes compared to KDE 3.x. While explanations for these changes have been posted at several places before there is a central list missing which explains the reasons to normal users. This post lists some hot topics and tries to shed some light on the reasons behind certain decisions." Update: The release date for KDE 4.0 has been postponed from mid-December to January 11th 2008. I'll be sure to give you my address, Aaron. Insert smiley face.
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KDE4 in my opinion
by Arkansas_Rebel on Sun 2nd Dec 2007 15:56 UTC
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I like the KDE desktop and the ability to customize it to my liking, however it seems like it almost looks like a clone of the Vista desktop model. Other than that I have no problems with it, I just would like to see them totally separate themselves from the direction MS is going with Windows. I can understand the need to listen to the community and follow their direction. The end user is the one who will make the decision to use this window manager in whatever Linux distro they are using.

KDE has some excellent apps and the window manager has some advanced features to which closed source vendors would never be able to catch up with. The key to the success is going with the community at large and ignoring the direction of the mega corps in the industry. Gnome has went its own direction and it has worked well for them, I think the KDE group needs to do the same. It is troublesome for me when a lot of applications or other items start trying to mimic Windows Vista. To me the whole concept was to have functionality and the open source model allows the end user to chose what they want and change it.

The point being, Open Source is very powerful and it is time they chose their destiny with the community at large and they will be very successful in the return. Innovation is astounding to say the least and the last thing I want to see is a battle ground between KDE/Gnome where they try to destroy one another. Each desktop manager needs to plot its own course with the community backing of the end users. Options make this alternative like a fortress and the community involvement as a whole is stronger than mega corps trying to cram down some Vista cookie cutter fiasco.

The market place has plenty of room for growth and alternatives in design, theory and expansion it is still in its infancy. KDE needs to find that common ground and run with it. The sky is the limit and the user base continues to grow in size. Presently, closed source vendors may call the shots in the corps but like all other empires it will come to an end and a new king will emerge (Open Source) and this will will be able to quickly adapt and allow the end user to have the best in functionality and a platform that grants options.

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