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Legal Lawyers for plaintiffs in a case brought against Microsoft over Vista's marketing have claimed that Microsoft was not telling the truth when it put the "Vista Capable" logo on PCs that would only be capable of running Vista Home Basic. Lawyers claimed that even Microsoft's director of marketing, Mark Croft, had become confused about the meaning of "Vista capable" when giving evidence.
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In the end what will the 'end consumer' get out of this deal?

I can tell you absolutely nothing, what will the lawyers get well most likely pad their wallets with the consumers winnings and then maybe the people who brought forth the suit may get a coupon for Windows Vista...

At one point in time, lawyers were needed much like Unions however like everything else the only ones winning are the lawyers. They see a jackpot with Microsoft paying them off to go away and then giving the people some vouchers or a new computer. It is just ridiculous this country has now become a sue happy culture. Just my rambling about how muddled the entire industry becomes when frivolous lawsuits are engaged.

If someone purchased like another person had stated a basic machine with low specs it is not going to be able to run all of the features of a bloated out operating system. Technology changes so fast hardly anyone can actually keep pace with the advancements. And the price of technology continues to drop as new advancements pave the way.

Basically so every (mass produced) machine in theory should have stated 'on the sticker' saying I can run Vista Basic or I can run Vista Premium and so on. I just find this whole concept absurd and it costs tax payers a lot of money in the end. Because the cost of these lawsuits are paid by the same consumers who brought the lawsuit forward. The cost result in higher prices on software they purchase because of additional rewriting of the technical writing. I do not use MS products at home or in the office however someone as to eventually be an adult and be responsible for what they buy and know what they are purchasing.

I just get aggravated by this entire legal entity that is based off one concept 'frivolous lawsuits'...

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