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KDE The newest version of KDE Four Live, an openSUSE-based Live CD for testing KDE 4, was released three days ago, just nine days after the initial version that included Release Candidate 1 was released. KDE/openSUSE dev Stephan Binner announced the release on his blog, celebrating the strong public interest in the initial RC1-based Live CD - over 10000 downloads achieved in the first few days. Meanwhile, although mainstream reviews of RC1 are still scarce, Binner's blog announcement of the previous version contained this interesting tidbit: "It looks like whatever [version of KDE 4] will be released or presented at the event which was fixed by the sponsor to happen in January will be only used by very early adopters. Hopefully openSUSE 11.0 will be able to ship some KDE 4.1.x release or some very high KDE 4.0.x release (which saw some light features freeze lift)," he wrote. Readers are welcome to download the newest Live CD (Torrent) and test it for themselves. A Debian LiveCD is also available, but it still includes KDE4 Beta4 and not RC1.
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RE[2]: Missed opportunity
by rx182 on Mon 3rd Dec 2007 06:28 UTC in reply to "Missed opportunity"
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I just played with that new LiveCD and I can confirm it's better than a week ago. The new APIs for Plasma seem more stable.

However, to make KDE4 usable, the people behind KDE needs to:
1- Completely replace the Oxygen style. It's just too white. The green bars do not fit. It's really hard to see where a widget starts and where it ends. KDE4 really needs something more refined. Just look at how Apple did it. It's not that hard you know. PLEASE MAKE SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL. PLEASE...

2- Remove OpenSuse's Kickoff. Usability-wise, it stinks. It's by far the worst application launcher I have ever used (and I'm not the only one). It makes it really hard to go back and forth when searching for an application. Ever Kicker was better. No replacement for Kickoff? Reintroduce Kicker please! At least it was usable...

3- Plasma needs more work. It's starting to look beautiful but it needs more work. There should be a way to aggregate Plasmoids together. Also, I hope the new "taskbar" Plasmoid will change dramatically.

4- Keep on removing the useless junk from previous KDE releases. Bouncing cursor? Remove!

5- KDE4 needs a brand new control center. Something more beautiful and easy to use. The current one makes it boring to tweak KDE.

6- KDE applications in general need to adapt to KDE4. They need to be part of the "experience". Legacy applications do not feel at home.


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