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Mac OS X "No one is unhappy with Mac OS X Version 10.4, known as Tiger. OS X is not an application platform that needed repair, speeding up, or exterior renovation. Motivations for major upgrades of competing system software - roll-ups of an unmanageable number of fixes, because the calendar says it's time, or because users are perceived to have version fatigue - don't apply to OS X. People buy Macs because the platform as a whole is perfect, full stop. Leopard is a rung above perfection. It's taken as rote that the Mac blows away PC users' expectations. Leopard blows away Mac users' expectations, and that's saying a great deal."
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Wow. A seven page press release as written by a hopped up marketing department.

To sum up:

The old version of OS X was PERFECT!
The new version of OS X is MORE PERFECT!
The next version of OS X will be unbearably SO PERFECT, the only way to make it better would be to make yet another version of OS X.

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