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Mac OS X "No one is unhappy with Mac OS X Version 10.4, known as Tiger. OS X is not an application platform that needed repair, speeding up, or exterior renovation. Motivations for major upgrades of competing system software - roll-ups of an unmanageable number of fixes, because the calendar says it's time, or because users are perceived to have version fatigue - don't apply to OS X. People buy Macs because the platform as a whole is perfect, full stop. Leopard is a rung above perfection. It's taken as rote that the Mac blows away PC users' expectations. Leopard blows away Mac users' expectations, and that's saying a great deal."
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Leopard newuser experience...
by Quazion on Tue 4th Dec 2007 13:31 UTC
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I just bought a new macbook this week and i am not having any problems. I have an older iBook still running 10.2.8, so leopard feels as an improvement. Also i am using XP and Ubuntu on my other computers.

Leopard feels very snappy on the new macbook, it has worked without flaws for atleast the first week. I installed a number of programs including jEdit (Java), Fulltilt-poker, GIMP(X11) and Firefox without any problems. Only virtualbox seems to crash, but its still in BETA i think...

One thing i noticed which was really nice is that it auto-mounts my samba-shares after i browse them with the finder in /Volumes so i can use then in jEdit for example. This might allready be working in 10.4, but still its was a nice suprise for me.

Overall i am a happy camper, going to get parallels soon and see if i can get happier even more. One computer for all my web-development ;)

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