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Opera Software Here is an interview with the CEO of Opera. "There are obviously some users who go between Opera and Mozilla. They have Opera one week, Mozilla the next week, and back to Opera... But we have a shared common goal: we would actually like to see open standards prevail."
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I've uninstalled Opera for good!
by pjafrombbay on Fri 9th Sep 2005 06:35 UTC
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I've been a supporter and occasional user of Opera since its release. However, I have just uninstalled it on both my WinXP and Linux boxes because I can't get it to find/use my printer on Linux (all other apps can print to 'Lp' but not Opera) and its rendition of multi-column pages done with CSS is hopeless on both platforms.

Even IE-6 can get the rendering right (although it can't print on Linux ;-) )


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