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Mac OS X "No one is unhappy with Mac OS X Version 10.4, known as Tiger. OS X is not an application platform that needed repair, speeding up, or exterior renovation. Motivations for major upgrades of competing system software - roll-ups of an unmanageable number of fixes, because the calendar says it's time, or because users are perceived to have version fatigue - don't apply to OS X. People buy Macs because the platform as a whole is perfect, full stop. Leopard is a rung above perfection. It's taken as rote that the Mac blows away PC users' expectations. Leopard blows away Mac users' expectations, and that's saying a great deal."
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RE: Kinda disagree about OS X..
by ninjawombat on Tue 4th Dec 2007 21:57 UTC in reply to "Kinda disagree about OS X.."
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Except that OSX has awesome thumbnails that if you zoom them big enough you can even read a Word or PDF document from the thumnail, seriously how much time did you say you spent playing with it!?

Not feeling at home has very little to do with the quality or design of an OS and 95% to do with your past experience, OS history, and knowledge of the platform. You probably spent years tweaking Linux and finding just the right tools and utilities have things the way you like them. This cannot be replicated in 5 minutes with OSX (neither can the reverse, no one would appreciate Linux after playing with it for only a few days). Prolonged use is where the overall design of an OS truly reveals itself, and OSX is one of these OS' that gets out if your way and reduces headaches (most of the time). I do prefer Linux for certain tasks but it nowhere approaches OSX in terms of behind the scenes elegance imho.

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