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Hardware, Embedded Systems From the WSJ: "The dream of cheap computers in the hands of millions of poor children is becoming a reality, though not exactly as its proponents imagined. For-profit competitors snatched the idea and have run with it."
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1) bitfrost activation
2) "narrow prism of their experience." You have clearly no idea of the conditions in the OLPC target countries and you dare speak of "narrow prism"... mote and beam, anyone?
3) again, the XO is radically different from the standard notebooks. There's a reason if they worked for three years to design it.
4) crap crap and again misinformed crap: you know nothing, you imagine things and then you speculate on your fantasies...

It's funny how people who don't know anything feel that they can pontificate freely on the net. Ten minutes of searching with google or reading the olpc website could've saved you from writing all that crap...

Most of all: do you really think that all the people involved with the OLPC project are stupid? Didn't you figure, just for a moment, that "maybe" they're not a group of idiots and that "maybe" they considered what they were going to start? Do you really think that you're so incredibly smart that you're the first one who figured out the potential problems of the project?

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