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Hardware, Embedded Systems From the WSJ: "The dream of cheap computers in the hands of millions of poor children is becoming a reality, though not exactly as its proponents imagined. For-profit competitors snatched the idea and have run with it."
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It never fails to amaze me...
by rafial on Tue 4th Dec 2007 23:00 UTC
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2007-12-04 doing something generous is an infallible way to bring the haters.

So just for the record, I shelled out by $399 for the Get One Give One program on day 1. I've played with the OLPC software images, and I'm really excited to have one of these little green guys to hack on for my own. And it's great that a kid somewhere will have a laptop as a result. Enlightened self interest baby.

Turns out that I also get a year of free T-Mobile hotspot service with my laptop. The theoretical value of THAT almost pays for the laptop right there. Now in practical terms for me, I didn't need the service that much, but I bet it'll come in handy a few times next year. Yay me.

So from where I'm stilling the XO laptop is a rousing success!

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