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Red Hat For the last several years, Red Hat has been pushing forward the development of real-time enhancements for Linux. Yet the company has made no formal product announcement of how it would attempt to productize its real-time Linux innovations. That changed today, with the announcement of the Red Hat MRG (Messaging, Real Time and Grid) platform. The product is expected to be available as a public beta this month, with a generally available release set for early 2008.
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Um, no.
by Spellcheck on Wed 5th Dec 2007 07:52 UTC
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Red Hat Finally Nears Real-Time Linux Launch

The launch is not real-time. The Linux is. That makes it real-time Linux launched with a real-time-Linux launch.

From the title, I started thinking of a distro booted from the network and transparently up-to-date, zero-conf style. In the future, please refrain from dashing my dreams like this. Thanks.

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