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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "It may be a brave opinion but I predict that Ubuntu Linux and Windows Vista are going to be the two operating systems that will take over the largest chunk of the desktop OS market during the next couple of years. This comparison is based on my experience with both systems during the last couple of weeks on two different computers."
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RE[4]: Give it some time
by miles on Wed 5th Dec 2007 09:46 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Give it some time"
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You can't blame distributions for those regressions

Yes you can in these both cases, because :
- the wacom problem in Gutsy is that someone commented out wacom configuration in xorg.conf, so you have to manually edit the file to remove the comments. If your wacom system wasn't working in feisty but is working in gutsy, it's either because you upgraded, or because you got a serial one (or a tablet PC, since these function like serial tablets);
- the usb_suspend fiasco was due to a deliberate choice from Ubuntu, even though kernel developers warned about the code not being ready for inclusion in the kernel (but the Ubuntu dev went out and included it). You seem to have misunderstood : that code was NOT included in the kernel, it was in an experimental branch.

I only picked out case that were :
- the fault of the distribution ;
- deliberate choices instead of errors.

In these case the developers knew exactly what they were doing and decided it was ok to play and mess up with user's setup.

You can find other numerous regression when it is indeed the fault of Ubuntu, some are unintentional, some are. Saying that it's the fault of hardware makers or of the linux kernel moving too fast is often used as a way to hide their shortcomings, which is not a courageous choice, nor is it going to improve things.

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