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Windows Microsoft is doing away with "reduced functionality mode" for individuals that its WGA activation and validation scheme deems to be running "non-genuine" software. The company also is plugging two WGA loopholes that pirates have been exploiting successfully.Microsoft is attributing the changes it is making to "feedback from customers and partners."
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RE[3]: Hmmmmm...
by Luminair on Wed 5th Dec 2007 15:28 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Hmmmmm..."
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You answered your own questions at the end there. They're dialing back the anti-piracy measures that don't work very well because they're ineffective AND they hurt real customers. So Microsoft does care about their customers apparently.

Whether you know it or not, Vista is as easily pirated as XP. This is a fact. You can walk into a third world country right now and buy a Vista DVD for a dollar and install it with no problems. Vista's anti-piracy measures have not just been defeated, they've been defeated multiple times in different ways.

Vista is not being adopted because people DON'T LIKE IT. Microsoft and their clients know this and it is not a secret.

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