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Hardware, Embedded Systems From the WSJ: "The dream of cheap computers in the hands of millions of poor children is becoming a reality, though not exactly as its proponents imagined. For-profit competitors snatched the idea and have run with it."
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by kjn9 on Wed 5th Dec 2007 22:45 UTC
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From TFA:
"I'm not good at selling laptops," Negroponte has told colleagues. "I'm good at selling ideas."

The Intel Classmate has one critical component that the OLPC does not. It is not the Intel CPU or the $3 cut-down version of Windows and Office. It is a professional sales force.

The OLPC idea is well and truly sold - not only to governments, but also to OLPC's competitors. If OLPC wants to sell the laptops, it needs a sales force that has experience of selling hardware. One of OLPC's commercial partners might be able to fill this role.

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