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Apple Ars has reviewed the new Santa Rosa-based MacBook, and concludes: "All in all, the new MacBook is shaping up to be a worthy replacement to my old PowerBook. In combination with Mac OS X 10.5, the most polished iteration of Apple's operating system, the MacBook is a joy to use. Even Omniweb, my favorite but much-maligned web browser, is snappy, and the Core 2 Duo processor appears capable of handling anything I throw at it. Certainly for someone with my fairly modest computing needs (word processing, web browsing, data manipulation, light graphics work, and media playback) the consumer line does what I want and does it well."
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What about the keyboard?
by chiwaw on Thu 6th Dec 2007 00:03 UTC
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I never understood the bashing against the MacBook keyboard. As shallow as my decision process might seem, its keyboard was actually one of the sexy thing that pushed me into getting one. I just love the feeling of the flat keys. This is by far my favorite laptop keyboard I've ever used. And I'm not a Mac fan, I'm a Windows user using mostly Windows on my MacBook.

My only complain was the sharp edge of the case that was scratching my wrists. But a very lite sanding of that plastic edge fixed the problem.

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