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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "It may be a brave opinion but I predict that Ubuntu Linux and Windows Vista are going to be the two operating systems that will take over the largest chunk of the desktop OS market during the next couple of years. This comparison is based on my experience with both systems during the last couple of weeks on two different computers."
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RE[5]: I have to disagree.
by Erunno on Thu 6th Dec 2007 07:56 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: I have to disagree."
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the watershed moment being the release of Halo 2. How long did PC gamers have to wait until they could ply this? Yeah, I thought so.

It's not like I've met any PC gamer in real life or on the internet who was actually impressed with Halo1/2. It's a fairly medicore shooter compared to the usual offerings on the PC. The hype around Halo is from the perspective of a PC gamer, well, curious and hard to understand. Plus, I thought the Halo games where XBox exclusives *shrug*. They can keep their medicore offerings as far as I care.

It also really depends on which kind of games you regard as "hardcore". Games like Fallout, Torment or newer titles like Eschalon or Space Rangers have low production values but offers a gameplay experience you'll be hard pressed to find on any console (not talking about quality here) while consoles seem to be more aimed at the casual player who likes games that look and sound good and are easy to get into.

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