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Mac OS X Since my Cube could not run Leopard, and I did not have any other Macs, I was unable to delve into Leopard right away. Apple NL was kind enough to fix this problem for us, by generously loaning me a brand new MacBook with Leopard installed so I could review it for OSNews. Read on for the findings.
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RE[5]: Stationary
by nevali on Thu 6th Dec 2007 22:53 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Stationary"
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I prefer HTML mail because I can format it any way that I want.

And for whose benefit is that, exactly?

You write e-mail for the recipient, not the sender. How do you know that the recipient agrees with your choices of colours/fonts/sizes? How do you know that your choices are sufficiently readable for them? More importantly, how do you know they want your choices imposed upon them?

That's right, you don't, you're just imposing your choices on those you communicate with, not because it benefits them, but because when you look through your “Sent mail” folder it's pretty—to you.

Yeah, I can see why that's such a concrete justification…

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