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Mac OS X Since my Cube could not run Leopard, and I did not have any other Macs, I was unable to delve into Leopard right away. Apple NL was kind enough to fix this problem for us, by generously loaning me a brand new MacBook with Leopard installed so I could review it for OSNews. Read on for the findings.
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RE: Stationary
by abraxas on Fri 7th Dec 2007 01:10 UTC in reply to "Stationary"
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When people tell me HTML email is evil, I always press them to tell me why

I'll tell you why HTML email is evil. The only emails I get that are HTML are either advertisements/spam, email from family members that have too much time on their time, or company emails. Obviously I don't care for advertisements/spam in my inbox and when it comes to family members, their emails would be no different without HTML. It's pretty much useless unless you are a spammer. Companies love to add their graphics to their confirmation emails etc but is it really necessary to chew up bandwith so I can see your logo? I have a better question for you. What benefit does HTML email give ANYONE?

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