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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Many people are looking to Ubuntu to be something that it is not: A mass market ready operating system designed to work with the same level of compatibility as Microsoft Windows. Where people get confused is in believing that if Ubuntu, king of the Linux distros, is not able to take the marketplace by storm, then something must be broken with desktop Linux. In this article, I'll explain what it will take to dethrone the mighty Ubuntu and gain a market share so large that it will eclipse anything seen by Ubuntu to date." More here.
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Jack Burton
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"I dont like windows at all, but i still rather use it then linux because everything is so damn hard. And when it finaly works, and you mess with one little thing.. it's broke again and have to search like crazy about how to fix it."

But at least, you can find how to fix it. On windows this isnt' always the case.

"And i'm a fairly exerienced computer user. If i am having trouble with it, then you can be sure that 'the avarage computer user' would as well."

No. Since you are a fairly experienced computer user, you are the kind of person who messes more with the computer, so you have more chances to break stuff. I could bring examples of people happy with Ubuntu (grandmas and grandpas), but I'm sure no one will be convinced anyway.

"An os should just work without noticing or having to configure it to much. "

I agree, but that, then, excludes windows from the list.

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