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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Many people are looking to Ubuntu to be something that it is not: A mass market ready operating system designed to work with the same level of compatibility as Microsoft Windows. Where people get confused is in believing that if Ubuntu, king of the Linux distros, is not able to take the marketplace by storm, then something must be broken with desktop Linux. In this article, I'll explain what it will take to dethrone the mighty Ubuntu and gain a market share so large that it will eclipse anything seen by Ubuntu to date." More here.
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Like others have stated, your post sums up a lot of stuff that linux (Ubuntu) is lacking. I would just like to add my own thoughts on this. I am running Ubuntu and Fedora on my two computers while I had to (re)install XP/Vista on my wife's and my mother's computer. Here is why:

1. Crappy support for a webcam which my wife uses quite often,

2. Couldn't get voice over yahoo network to, well, work at all,

3. Cannot guarantee that the games mother likes to play (and downloads from the net) will work. Even under the latest version of wine.

Ok, these are only three problems which will eventually be solved. But for now... sorry. Linux is not a good alternative for my mother or wife. And they are NOT gamers.

I wouldn't trade my Ubuntu for anything. It is a wonderful system. The same with fedora. But both still have rough edges which need to be taken care of before any kind of linux distro is a viable alternative for an average Jane or Joe.

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