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Gnome The Gnome Project released version 2.12 yesterday. We had a quick look at it by using the latest Gnome Live CD (1.12-pre) and Foresight 0.9.0 (2.12 final) and here are our thoughts over 2.12 and Gnome's status in general.
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RE[2]: Menu editor...
by Anonymous on Fri 9th Sep 2005 12:43 UTC in reply to "RE: Menu editor..."
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Hey, should have existed? Why? Where is it written? Oh, I forgot all of you trolls paid for that. Don't you?

One of the advantages of the free software in general is the oportunity to change what you dislike, and adapt it to your needs. Most of the times you are receiving a high quality software for free. You don't pay. So, you can't just come and tell 'it should, it should'.

Your complains should be better placed in a gnome mailing list, with your comments _and_ arguments. That's what free software is all about. If you code, you can dot it. If you don't push for the things you want to see.

But I don't see any point in reply to a Gnome announcment that way. What I see as good, are comments based on arguments, and when I say arguments I don't mean 'personal reasons'.

I wonder if you trolls are as good as you say. So, why don't colaborate? It's much easier to just come and tell bad things, than help.

My god, I forgot you paid. And that you have MUCH better coding skill than gnome hackers. The problem is: you have only coded hello worlds.

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