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NetBSD The fifth release candidate for NetBSD 4.0 has been released. "We hope that this release candidate to be the last one before the final release of NetBSD 4.0. Please help us to test it as much as possible to make NetBSD 4.0 a solid release."
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Started one year ago
by Doc Pain on Sun 9th Dec 2007 18:13 UTC
Doc Pain
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While I'm a regular (and mostly) FreeBSD user, other BSDs always made me feel familiar with the system because commands and procedures had many similarities. The consistency of the system organisation, the good online manuals (man) and the friendly community are important points if you're going to choose NetBSD as a main OS. If you're familiar with basic UNIX operations, NetBSD won't be any hard to use.

More than one year ago, NetBSD started to be interesting to me with the ability to play aound with the system without needing to install it. This was the NetBSD Live! 2007 CD, which has been announced on OSNwes, too:!-2007-Released/

This system was so impressing to me that I started to read some more about NetBSD again (after some years). I've followed the Changelogs and development announcements of NetBSD for some time and I think it's a really great OS which deserves a fully featured box to be installed and run on. :-)

This is where you can still get the ISO from - more than one year ago, which is something almost spectacular within the Internet today, but hey, it's FTP, not WWW. :-)

And don't mind it is one year old - you can still do lots of stuff with this CD.

That's why it would be great to have an actualized live system CD for maintenance and demonstration based on the upcoming release. It would be used to test hardware compatibility and some performance tests without needing to change something on the system to be tested - just the same way you can use FreeSBIE live system CDs for FreeBSD tests and demonstrations.

I'm looking forward to the 4.0-RELEASE and I surely will introduce a permanent NetBSD system into my collection of UNIX OSes in use.

Well done, NetBSD guys! Keep on your high quality work!

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