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Amiga & AROS Ars has published part 5 of their history of the Amiga. "By July 1985, Commodore had everything going for it. The Amiga computer had been demonstrated in public to rave reviews, and everyone was excited at the potential of this great technology. That's when the problems started."
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RE: Aww
by gdanko on Tue 11th Dec 2007 14:21 UTC in reply to "Aww"
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I owned an Amiga 500, upgraded the memory, (IIRC 1.5MB in total), I was tempted to get an Amiga 1200 instead of a PC, but I eventually caved in like most people and purchased one

Maybe I am the nut but I never caved in to the DOS/Windows PC. After Commodore/Atari I went to the Mac. I was so intrigued by its GUI and we had an SE at school. And in my opinion, Windows was just GEOS/Finder/Workbench done poorly. I perceived it as a cheap ripoff of other systems. Funny, I feel that way today about current versions of Windows. It's a good feeling not getting caught up in that mess because I know guys who got caught up in it early on and became dependent on certain Windows apps, but not they despise Windows yet feel stuck because of those apps.

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