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Benchmarks A lot was said lately about the Vorbis/Theora vs h.264/AAC situation on the draft of the HTML5. As some of you know, video is my main hobby these days (I care not about operating systems anymore), so I have gain some experience on the field lately, and at the same time this has made me more demanding about video quality. Read on for a head to head test: OGG Theora/Vorbis vs MP4 h.264/AAC. Yup, with videos. And pictures.
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by Eugenia on Wed 12th Dec 2007 08:36 UTC in reply to "FFMPEG?"
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This "guy" knows what she's doing. FFmpeg is used by MANY (and I mean, MOST) GUI front-ends out there. Just because PSP3Video9 or PSPVideo9 or SUPER or WinFF or FFmpegX or VisualHub have nice GUIs, it does not mean they don't use ffmpeg underneath, because they DO. FFmpeg, stable or unstable, random or not random, it is the *most used* utility for conversions. Even more than mencoder, I would say.

Even, uses ffmpeg to decode the files its users upload on the site.

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