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Windows "Microsoft's Hilton Locke, who used to work on the Tablet PC team and now works on the Windows Shell team, let us know today that if we are impressed with touch on the iPhone, then we'll be blown away by the touch features of the upcoming Windows 7." More here.
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RE[2]: Who Cares?
by Brunis on Thu 13th Dec 2007 10:33 UTC in reply to "RE: Who Cares?"
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>>"Who cares about Windows anymore?"

>95% of the people who use PC's?

No, they might have heard they are running Windows, but if you ask them which version they are running.. they might aswell say 97 or linux.. and they don't give a shit.. and they should'nt.. this is only religion to a few of us.. the ones that know the pathetic nature of Windows.. we have an fanatic interest in seeing Microsoft loose.. I used to think the Amiga would conquer the Pc.. then i thought BeOS would prevail.. know i have to rely on linux for that.. and i think linux has actually reached a stage where it is better than windows on the desktop.. the only problem is.. noone (the usual family computer nerd you call) is familiar with linux, so if you need help.. you're screwed!

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