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Windows "Microsoft's Hilton Locke, who used to work on the Tablet PC team and now works on the Windows Shell team, let us know today that if we are impressed with touch on the iPhone, then we'll be blown away by the touch features of the upcoming Windows 7." More here.
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RE: Not good ...
by Brunis on Thu 13th Dec 2007 10:36 UTC in reply to "Not good ..."
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> Hasn't MS learned anything from their past mistakes (esp WinFS)? These guys need to STFU about features until this thing hits at least the beta stage.

They learned that spreading FUD works. People think that it has alot of new stuff and improvements. Even technical people close to me. And i can't persuade them otherwise. Even the latest benchmarks of XP sp3 vs. Vista sp1 where Office is twice as fast on xp has no effect on these people.. They just want to upgrade (and they don't want to know their money has gone down the drain) so why should they listen to reason, they already cashed out..

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