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Legal "Opera Software filed a complaint with the European Commission yesterday which is aimed at giving consumers a genuine choice of Web browsers. The complaint describes how Microsoft is abusing its dominant position by tying its browser, Internet Explorer, to the Windows operating system and by hindering interoperability by not following accepted Web standards. Opera has requested the Commission to take the necessary actions to compel Microsoft to give consumers a real choice and to support open Web standards in Internet Explorer."
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Almafeta: Microsoft has been found to be a monopoly by courts in the US and Europe. That's a fact.

Monopoly has specific legal meaning, as well as a specific meaning in economics. As we are discussing a lawsuit, the legal definition of monopoly is clearly the proper one to use. It is a fact, not opinion, that courts have found Microsoft to hold a monopoly in desktop operating systems.

You can stick your fingers in your ears and shout "LA LA LA" as much as you want, but your personal fantasy definition of monopoly simply doesn't apply to this story. Monopoly is a term of art used in the law and economics, and those are the definitions that apply.

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