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KDE Ars takes a look at the new RC2 release of KDE 4.0. "Transitions are always hard, but when the dust settles, a clean break between versions and an opportunity to introduce some innovative new ideas should lead to a stronger user experience. After years of development, unnecessary cruft builds up and things tend to get disorganized. The KDE 4 transition, though it will definitely be rocky at first, gives developers the ability to cut away the cruft and reorganize code in a manner that makes the whole environment more future-proof and easier to maintain."
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Very strong start
by Dasher42 on Fri 14th Dec 2007 01:46 UTC
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I really like what I see in RC2, in that what is there is shaping up very nicely. I do want to see several things:

1) Centrally-defined cross-application shortcuts that really work. KDE3 did this better than any other environment I've used except OSX, with minor snafus. If it took what it did and then implemented consistent shortcuts for manipulating, say, tabbed windows, and preference options for that matter, it'd rise to the top.

2) More drag and drop control of the toolbar. I really want to just throw plasmoids into there without a second thought.

3) I want the old Mac-style menubar at the top. It is nicely consistent and wastes less screen real estate.

4) The plasmoid's borders should only appear when you hit that wrench icon. They also need resize handles. Speaking of, the wrench icon could use some work itself.

That's what jumped out at me. For an RC of a x.0 release, I find Coenig a bit too buggy - but also full of exciting potential. I expect this train to be gaining steam from this point on. The fact that KDE4 apps and the environment itself will be natively ported to OSX and Windows will net it a lot of extra fans.

Cheers, devteam!

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