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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu DistroWatch reviews Geubuntu, and concludes: "For Enlightenment and Ubuntu fans this distro is custom made for you. It takes the best of Ubuntu and combines it with a great desktop environment. If Ubuntu or Kubuntu is a bit too heavy for your equipment, then Geubuntu just might be what you need. It might also be an idea for those who find Elive a bit overwhelming, or those who like to be a bit different from the rest of the crowd."
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Times have certainly changed
by blixel on Fri 14th Dec 2007 02:57 UTC
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From the article: "Enlightenment has a solid reputation as a lighter desktop..."

I haven't taken a look at Enlightenment in *many years* - but I well remember Enlightenment from 10+ years ago. And it was pretty much the butt of every joke regarding window manager performance.

Window Maker (which was WindowMaker [without the space] 10+ years ago) was my *light* WM of choice back then. I remember toying around with all kinds of window managers back then but all I ever heard about Enlightenment was what a bloated pile of code it was. I remember the reflective water effect at the bottom of the screen, translucent window movement, etc... back on my Pentium 166!

I remember RedHat (I think version 6.something) shipped with Enlightenment/Gnome as the default Desktop. ( What a hideous mess that was. ;)

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