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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu DistroWatch reviews Geubuntu, and concludes: "For Enlightenment and Ubuntu fans this distro is custom made for you. It takes the best of Ubuntu and combines it with a great desktop environment. If Ubuntu or Kubuntu is a bit too heavy for your equipment, then Geubuntu just might be what you need. It might also be an idea for those who find Elive a bit overwhelming, or those who like to be a bit different from the rest of the crowd."
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RE[2]: Good god....
by Doc Pain on Fri 14th Dec 2007 04:23 UTC in reply to "RE: Good god...."
Doc Pain
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Achtung, lookenspeepers: Das Operativ System GUI Looken ist Blitzen der Eyes and braindamagen your neuronal Konexions - keepen derselben klosed! :-)

"Eh, the default is not that bad. The screaming yellow one is hideous though."

Yes, not *that* bad. Sub-optimal. I've seen worse things as default settings. Allthough black on white gives the best reading contrast, at least in regards of printed material and from a psychological-cognitive standpoint, you should try not toexaggerate with such an important goal. Contrast is good, but it's hard to move within the small zone between too less contrast (e. g. CDE default colors) and too much contrast (e. g. the yellow screenshot). But finally, that's nothing you cannot change to fit your individual requirements.

But hey, at least it doesn't look like "Vista" on the first sight. Oh wait, did I mention the "Moonlight" theme? :-) Don't mind, I'm just joking.

I've downloaded the ISO and recorded it, I will give it a try tomorrow. Just judging from the screenshots - you know this says nothing in fact - the system looks promising and could be a good solution for system that are a bit low on power. And remember, I'm a BSD guy, I have *very* different imaginations about what is "low on power". :-)

From the article:

Every minute or so, a sunbeam shines down from the Sun for an interesting effect.

Wow, that's really what I need! An interesting effect that distracts me periodically. Or is it an indicator to show me that the machine isn't frozen? :-)

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