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Legal "Opera Software filed a complaint with the European Commission yesterday which is aimed at giving consumers a genuine choice of Web browsers. The complaint describes how Microsoft is abusing its dominant position by tying its browser, Internet Explorer, to the Windows operating system and by hindering interoperability by not following accepted Web standards. Opera has requested the Commission to take the necessary actions to compel Microsoft to give consumers a real choice and to support open Web standards in Internet Explorer."
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Despite being a major Opera-fan I don't really support the unbundeling . I actually think MS should be allowed to include whatever software they want with their OS. It's their OS and IE is to them a part of windows, just like Safari/Webkit to a certain extent is a part of OS X.

I think it's great that the PC's come with IE, this makes it so easy for me to tune into and download Opera on a re-installed PC. ;)

However, I think that it's great that they want to pressure MS to support webstandars. With IE7 it seems like they're at least going in the right direction. Hopefully this pressure will speed things up.

When I'm making websites whatever works in Firefox works in Opera and vica versa, but IE always breaks it. I really hope this will get MS to fix their horrible browser.

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