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KDE Ars takes a look at the new RC2 release of KDE 4.0. "Transitions are always hard, but when the dust settles, a clean break between versions and an opportunity to introduce some innovative new ideas should lead to a stronger user experience. After years of development, unnecessary cruft builds up and things tend to get disorganized. The KDE 4 transition, though it will definitely be rocky at first, gives developers the ability to cut away the cruft and reorganize code in a manner that makes the whole environment more future-proof and easier to maintain."
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More bling please
by Ishan on Fri 14th Dec 2007 10:11 UTC
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I know it's futile but it would looks so much better if the theme was more integrated (white/grey windows with everything else black? eww). It needs some more antialising on fonts and windows corner/widgets, and window/cursor diffused shadows would give it a far more polished aspect (whatever you think about it, look at what OSX does in this concern, it looks really good)
Not a bad start at all ;) (as far as bling is concerned hehe)

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