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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu DistroWatch reviews Geubuntu, and concludes: "For Enlightenment and Ubuntu fans this distro is custom made for you. It takes the best of Ubuntu and combines it with a great desktop environment. If Ubuntu or Kubuntu is a bit too heavy for your equipment, then Geubuntu just might be what you need. It might also be an idea for those who find Elive a bit overwhelming, or those who like to be a bit different from the rest of the crowd."
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by capricornus on Fri 14th Dec 2007 19:45 UTC
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I was pleased with speed. I wasn't when it showed to be impossible to activate my network connection, which is absolutely simple on all (all!) other Linux distro's I've tested on the same pc: most of the time, it is done automatically. Not so in GeU, and no way to activate it. So, I was left alone with a left alone pc, unable to communicate. Back to ZenW and Mint, they don't let me down.

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