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Windows APCMag sums up the information we already have on Windows 7. "We're still in the long dark before 7's dawn, but the earliest signs are encouraging: a new streamlined kernel, an inbuilt VM for running old software, a revised and simplified UI... There's every chance that Microsoft intends Windows 7 to rise from the ashes of Vista and be what Mac OS X was for Apple."
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Strange bloat
by nick on Sat 15th Dec 2007 04:06 UTC
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As ‘proof of concept’, Traut showed an iteration of MinWin consisting of just 100 system files, which occupied 25MB of hard disk space and ran in 40MB of RAM.

“It’s still bigger than I’d like it to be, but we’ve taken a shot at really stripping out all of the layers above and making sure that we had a clean architectural layer there”.

Hmm, Linux can boot and run in 1MB of RAM on really stripped setups.

A typical user should be able to configure their kernel to boot in about 4MB with full TCP/IP stack and network driver, block device layer and scsi driver. (actually, if you ignore userspace memory requirements, the kernel needs only about 2MB to do this).

Not that I'm saying the configurations are at all comparable. But it makes me wonder why the NT kernel has so much higher memory consumption. I guess their requirements probably include a whole lot of compatibility APIs, a GUI, highly complex filesystem... I know very little about Windows, can anyone comment?

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