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Syllable, AtheOS The Syllable project has published the second version of the Linux-based Syllable Server. A number of fixes were made, most notably to terminal initialisation and printing. GhostScript is included now. Some of the Syllable-specific initialisation scripts are executed now. Many packages were updated, including GLibC, CoreUtils, BASh, ORCA and the printing packages. Several new packages were added. IPTables is included, so Syllable Server can be used to build a firewall. The wireless tools are included for configuring wireless networks. The ALSA userspace library and tools were added to provide full access to the audio system, instead of relying on OSS emulation. All separate binary packages for Server 0.1 are still valid on Server 0.2. On Syllable, binary compatibility is maintained as much as possible. [Screenshot of Syllable Server running on Syllable Desktop, installation and usage instructions, change log, torrent (preferred), installation package (75 MB 7-Zip archive).]
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RE[3]: Syllable Server
by charles on Sat 15th Dec 2007 05:06 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Syllable Server"
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From what I can tell it's still pretty close to a basic Linux system. The tree under usr/ has been changed significantly (each package gets its own directory, with its own subdirectories for bin/ lib/ documentation/ and so on).

I haven't spent much time with the 0.2 release yet, but I will tomorrow. If I find anything that's definitely from Syllable Desktop, I'll report back.

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