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Linux It seems that each distribution has found a niche: Red Hat and Ubuntu are the leaders in their markets, and SUSE is a comfortable runner-up. However, history has shown us that businesses are not content to stay still too long or play second fiddle. So, what will Red Hat, SUSE, and Ubuntu have to do in the new year to gain new ground?
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by manjabes on Sat 15th Dec 2007 09:46 UTC in reply to "RE: Now"
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1) They are. Just up the "Buttons" value in your xorg.conf, and use a mouse button mapping program like imwheel

Yes, it is so easy. Just write Buttons:0x48,0x50=0x0004 etc. into your xbzzz.conf file; then compile the newest beta drivers for xbzzz-config that still don't know how to show the battery state of my BT mouse (windows does that!) but hey what the heck, it lets me move the pointer and double click; then configure the kernel sources and be sure to activate the gaagaa bit, then download the kernel patch to enable the gaagaa-guuguu extensions which are necessary for the buttons to work but which kinda don't work very well with the current kernel (kernel panic every 2 hours) but which the kernel developers do not support 'cause it's "tainted"; after you have patched your kernel sources, recompile the kernel and install the new kernel; now edit the initscripts so that xbzzz-gaagaa starts before xorg and after powersaved; then enter the sha256 checksum of your initrd to the xbzzz.conf file and restart xbzzz. Oh, and make sure to edit your grub configuration so that the parameter xbzzz=0x12231241342,0x312,0xaf3 gets passed on boot. Be sure to replace the 0x312 and 0xaf3 with the custom values necessary for your system.

I mean, what in the world could be easier!!! A toddler could do it in a split second!

Compare that to the awful mess that is in windows where i *gasp* download the drivers from the manufacturers website (or the driver cd), double click it, click next-finish a number of times and my mouse suddenly works. That is so complicated, i cannot even bear the thought, it's even more frustrating and agonizing than the extra button for detailed printing settings in the GNOME printer dialog. What horror!!

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