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Linux It seems that each distribution has found a niche: Red Hat and Ubuntu are the leaders in their markets, and SUSE is a comfortable runner-up. However, history has shown us that businesses are not content to stay still too long or play second fiddle. So, what will Red Hat, SUSE, and Ubuntu have to do in the new year to gain new ground?
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RE[2]: Novell
by shaga on Sat 15th Dec 2007 15:08 UTC in reply to "RE: Novell"
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I don't think he is trolling. He expressed his opinion about what Novell made wrong and I second his opinion. If Novell after SUSE acquisition put more resources on KDE, and with SUSE it would mean just to continue with what they did, they would now be the driving force behind the innovation in the desktop (because KDE4 is the innovation) and would easily compete Canonical and RedHat.

Just compare the corporate funding of GNOME and KDE - GNOME is backed by RedHat, Novell, Sun, Canonical, the amount of investments into GNOME is much bigger than the investments into KDE. But still even in this situation the KDE desktop is still playing the same league as GNOME is. Why? Because of the technology. Now imagine that Novell put its force behind it (more than they do now, they still employ some KDE developers, but who is in the Novell top management?)

Maybe even I will be called a troll, but I can't help not to think that the corporate move to GNOME was one of the most unfortunate decisions ever made in the freedesktop market. Be it KDE what was chosen years ago, the freedesktop would be miles away from where it is now.

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