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Linux It seems that each distribution has found a niche: Red Hat and Ubuntu are the leaders in their markets, and SUSE is a comfortable runner-up. However, history has shown us that businesses are not content to stay still too long or play second fiddle. So, what will Red Hat, SUSE, and Ubuntu have to do in the new year to gain new ground?
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RE[2]: Novell
by shaga on Sat 15th Dec 2007 15:15 UTC in reply to "RE: Novell"
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KOffice definitely is not better than OO.o, but:

1. It is developed by a very small amount of developers. Taken that into account, it is amazing what it looks like (and with KOffice 2.0 around the corner - I guess it will be available at the end of Q1 2008, this will be even more obvious).

2. It has the great advantage of not carrying the legacy of old code. OO.o is a horror to comprehend. KOffice is quite easy to understand, so for new developers it is much less a hassle to become involved.

3. It leverages the desktop underneath, so it is tightly integrated to the desktop. The experience is incomparable.

Again, as I wrote in another post here, just imagine a fraction of fundings that goes into OO.o going into KOffice. Like, for example, into doc filter and another "corporate" stuff.

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