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In the News Apple and Linux are engaged in battle a battle to win over disgruntled Windows users. But who will win, and what will the consequences be for the loser? The most commonly held belief amongst Apple and Linux fanboys is that both factions are engaged in some kind of a war with Microsoft. The truth is that if you look at the market share figure for Windows, Mac and Linux, both Mac OS and all the Linux distros that have ever been released are dwarfed by Windows.
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by patrick_ on Sun 16th Dec 2007 01:46 UTC
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Though I prefer Linux/BSD, I think Mac has more of a chance of getting "disgruntled" Windows users.

People will go with Mac over Linux or the like because they'll probably be more comfortable going with a real company that can provide them support. Also, Apple is much more well known to the "non-technical" population.

Also, Linux and BSD are great if you have a good amount of technical skills, and some patience occasionally (usually only for devices). Though *nix never gives me any trouble (it's so much easier, especially for developing software, than Windows), it can be problematic with devices occasionally. I stopped recommending Linux to people when I started getting a crapload of questions about "how to do this" or "how to do that" or "this isn't working". It's just not meant for the general population. And if Linux/BSD becomes that way, we geeks just might not like it anymore (unless, of course, all of those changes stay on the distro, and no t the kernel, side)

Though I use Gentoo for Linux, when I installed Ubuntu, I think it was probably the closest to Windows (as far as "ease of use" of setting up things goes) than any other distro. I think Ubuntu has the greatest chance over any other, IMO.

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