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Gentoo A relatively lengthy Q&A with Ciaran McCreesh about Paludis, the Portage alternative for Gentoo.
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RE: was a long time gentoo fan...
by butters on Sun 16th Dec 2007 06:08 UTC in reply to "was a long time gentoo fan..."
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I had a 5-year Gentoo phase, starting toward the very beginning, in late 2001, before the 1.0 release.

I wasn't drawn by the source-based aspects, but rather the meta-distribution aspects. I thought that Gentoo was the heir-apparent mother distribution to succeed Debian and become the technical underpinning of myriad binary distributions--the standard make-you-own distribution toolkit.

The Gentoo Forums were legendary. The community was vibrant, full of knowledgable and helpful people. The project had a unique vision and direction. Then Daniel Robbins decided to cut the project loose to fly on its own. It was a slow, painful decline from that point on.

The binary distributions based on Gentoo never materialized until Sabayon, which isn't really a binary distribution of Gentoo so much as a Stage 4. Portage wasn't scaling well with the explosive growth of the tree, and although its performance improved, progress was sporadic and transistions were often complicated.

It was death by growing pains, predominantly because Gentoo didn't offer a binary derivative to appeal to the crowd that thinks they're hobbyists but really just wants a distribution that makes a bit more sense under the covers. Gentoo attracted a userbase it didn't want and couldn't satisfy.

Gentoo is a great idea that never really fulfilled its promising potential, and the Debian/Ubuntu ecosystem has really picked up the slack. I wish my Ubuntu systems were really Gentoo under the covers. I wish I had emerge and rc-update. But it's not worth the effort anymore to deal with Gentoo. Ubuntu is "good enough".

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