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Gentoo A relatively lengthy Q&A with Ciaran McCreesh about Paludis, the Portage alternative for Gentoo.
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RE: was a long time gentoo fan...
by MrEcho on Sun 16th Dec 2007 06:28 UTC in reply to "was a long time gentoo fan..."
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Yes the portage system does have a lot of issues. But the .ebuild system works out pretty well.

The issue I have with Paludis is that its complicated to use, unlike emerge. And once you start using paludis, you cant go back to emerge/portage. It doesn't sync what you have installed / updated on the system.

As far as it said it built fine, and doesn't run issue(which I haven't had) you can turn on build testing.
And the newer emerge/portage system has gotten much better at checking for a lot of other misc issues. Like testing to see if the current emerge will overwrite other packages file.

Another big thing I see a lot of people bitch about is when theres a major update to a critical package like Apache. If they where just to check the front page, the dev's put out notices weeks in advance.

Yes emerge/portage does need a lot of help, It just needs to be redone, ether c/c++ or just stop using flat files for everything. Which is the issue with me, its dog slow, even on a 10K RPM drive. Use sqlite damn it!

My next box will be a mac, but ill always have a Gentoo box around. And I use Gentoo at our colo, need all the performance possible, and RHEL/SuSE/CentOS just doesn't cut it.

3.75 years of Gentoo.

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