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Gentoo A relatively lengthy Q&A with Ciaran McCreesh about Paludis, the Portage alternative for Gentoo.
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compile isn't really for optimization
by sithgunner on Sun 16th Dec 2007 09:37 UTC
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Compilation isn't cool because of optimization or the 'cool' feeling about it...

Obviously the optimization difference isn't apparent in many cases and people usually don't have enough knowledge about making the best optimization out of a package and packages do break if you over optimize.

The thing is, Gentoo make you select. Even debian comes with Exim pre-installed and syslog. Gentoo, you get to choose everything from the start, and the advantage of source comes when you can specify what option you can put on the compiling package. If you don't need ipv6 support? take it out, making it more secure as to compile less code in a program and the dependencies get less and less as you keep stripping the feature out of packages you use, making it a very lean system with less packages to handle. less code, less bug, more secure.

IMO, it doesn't matter what people use for desktop. It's all about hobbies right now, if people want serious linux desktop in a work environment, they'd go something with a support, not Gentoo. So, basically, people complaining about new release of Firefox, Gnome, etc spoiling your afternoon, please choose some binary distro. OTOH Gentoo is really good on servers as you can make a minimalistic system of your choice without any bloat that is packaged by the distro maker. Besides, the point of having no major new version release (which can break hell loose in many distro) makes it a great deal for server admin to keep upgrading packages that they need to update and not fear the gigantic upgrade they might face one day.

Back on topic but portage really needs a fix soon, it's super slow as hell to start with, but programs like 'eix' helps a great amount here already, but it's been questionable as to why portage has been like that for years.

Portage is really good, I never had any compilation issues due to buggy ebuild or anything (except a few times in the past), I just type 'emerge PACKAGE' and things always work out. The 'PACKAGE' names are usually very clear too, compared to other distro naming them with whatever prefix/suffix they prefer on a package, especially for libraries.

Though one of the complaint on portage being, all of server apps are all bundled as server/client app, instead of having 2 different packages to deal with server/client functions. (like, mysql installs both server/client, when distro like Debian has them separated in case you only need client etc)

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