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In the News Apple and Linux are engaged in battle a battle to win over disgruntled Windows users. But who will win, and what will the consequences be for the loser? The most commonly held belief amongst Apple and Linux fanboys is that both factions are engaged in some kind of a war with Microsoft. The truth is that if you look at the market share figure for Windows, Mac and Linux, both Mac OS and all the Linux distros that have ever been released are dwarfed by Windows.
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The problem with Linux and the real world
by siraf72 on Sun 16th Dec 2007 10:39 UTC
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My view on why linux isn't growing as fast as it could. IMHO:

1. Linux offers WAY too much choice. Customers DON"T WANT too much choice. Ask any successful sales person! Steve Jobs culled the apple line to four machines to actually remove choice: Two pro two consumer, one OS. Linux by contrast has enough distros to fill a very large , erm, warehouse.

2. customers don't want cheap. In the history of capitalism / consumerism its never been about cheap its always been about perceived value. They pay what they think its worth. If an OS is free and people aren't using it then the problem is one of two things: a) people don't know about it. b) people don't think its worth the price tag.

3. What is linux's value proposition to consumers. Consumers don't care about openness, they don't know what that means. Apple is very clear about communicating its strengths to the public. Linux by distro or as a collective don't communicate to the public at all.

In a nutshell its all about the marketing. The only distro that seemed to be on the right track was Lindows. I can't remember what they are called now (again a sad state of affairs). Its not about technology or about openness its only about good ol fashion selling.

I have nothing against linux. technically its amazing. But that's not the point. I recall a line from Pirates of Silicon Valley:

Steve: we're better than you are
Bill: It doesn't matter

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