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Gentoo A relatively lengthy Q&A with Ciaran McCreesh about Paludis, the Portage alternative for Gentoo.
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Right. IIRC if you just install Ubuntu, it doesn't even play DVD or even mp3 (last time I tried) with its media player(totem)...

In Gentoo, I can even build desktop systems that fits much better suited for me than any other distro, because my media player WILL play everything I want it to play...(dvd, flac, mp3) not like stripped down half useless thing just because the distro maker's decision about license or whatever there is about it that won't let you play the damn file you own...

And on binary distro these problems will start causing 3rd party repos to spawn here and there, having them say 'we have the more working and leading edge apps' and will start to lead into further problems, since those are run by small amount of people and will not get the proper maintenance as much as the official repos.

I just don't know when people say 'Gentoo is going downhill'. It might mean 'not getting as much publicity as it used to', because people know Gentoo by now and hype about source based distro and compilation magic is over... IMHO, it's still the hottest distro out there.

I may be insulting but other 'easier' binary distro will cause random newbies to start posting so much questions and answers on the net that google results tend to bury the real technical questions but tend to show random newbie posts that make you sigh... but when it comes to gentoo, forum/wiki/just plain google results are full of technical helpful documents and that's another part that I like Gentoo about. is a great stuff.

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