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Windows "All promised features were cut from Vista." This is a commonly heard complaint about Windows Vista on the internet. While there certainly is a lot to complain about when it comes to Windows Vista, the mythical 'cancelled features' certainly is not one of them. Let me explain why.
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RE[2]: How many
by Brunis on Sun 16th Dec 2007 18:02 UTC in reply to "RE: How many"
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What was included? DRM, useless eyecandy, a software "protection" platform, lots of new bugs, hardware incompatibilities and a rewritten network stack with worse performance?

That's the summary i could never put into words myself. Although you missed some of the retarded features that are much like the ones added in XP to fix the previous release. In XP it was System Restore! Wow, let's ADD more software to recover the system after our faulty software. And in the next version, we'll ADD SuperSystemReadyBoostedRestoreV2 to try and repair the system, when SystemRestore fails.

Things like ReadyBoost .. to squeeze back 1% of the 50% performance they removed.. by .. eeeh.. hardware accelerating the UI? now, how did we manage to make it slower with hardware acceleration.. who knows.. ..i'm still appalled that Vista is actually slower.. if i had to put my money somewhere i'd rather buy XP Service Pack 3 than Vista!

But i'd have to agree with Thom on one thing.. we should be thankful they did not release more 'features' ..but then.. what are customers paying for ?
A 50% drop in performance? despite the $2-800 investment they had to make to make the damn thing run? Don't say Aero.. it's not a feature. Don't say ReadyBoost.. It costs even more, to get back a fraction of the performance you lost..
in fact.. just.. for the love of god.. mention a useful feature in Vista.. (for customers, not hardware manufacturers moving more product).

I'm so annoyed with this disastrous product!!!

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