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Windows "All promised features were cut from Vista." This is a commonly heard complaint about Windows Vista on the internet. While there certainly is a lot to complain about when it comes to Windows Vista, the mythical 'cancelled features' certainly is not one of them. Let me explain why.
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Maybe not a lot of features were removed, but the remaining features aren't really impressive either. Yes, it may be more secure, have a new TCP/IP stack, a crippled bitlocker, address space layout randomization, etc. But from a user point of view they are either not interesting, or are hard (or not intuitive; it needs to be natural) to use (previous versions, user account control).
Technically it may be outstanding, but I don't see it
'using my potential'.

I don't really care what the promised features were; I care about what I can do with it TODAY. And that's not a lot more than with XP.

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