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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu DistroWatch reviews Geubuntu, and concludes: "For Enlightenment and Ubuntu fans this distro is custom made for you. It takes the best of Ubuntu and combines it with a great desktop environment. If Ubuntu or Kubuntu is a bit too heavy for your equipment, then Geubuntu just might be what you need. It might also be an idea for those who find Elive a bit overwhelming, or those who like to be a bit different from the rest of the crowd."
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"If Redhat or one of the other Linux players at the time has sponsored the project, I don't doubt we could have had a superior Compiz or a better-performing, eye-candy-heavy,
competitor to Vista's Aero - 5 years ago."

Well, I do. Do you know the background of Compiz, and related important X server extensions like Render, Composite and Damage? A long story made short: X development has stagnated for years because the core team was too conservative and resisted progressive changes. The changes in the X server, necessary to support 3D compositing, would never have been accepted by the XFree86 developers. That's also the reason why XFree86 eventually forked into, and only in recent years has development started to gain some speed again.

The problem was not technological, it was political. Sponsoring Rasterman would not have helped the situation.

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