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Gentoo A relatively lengthy Q&A with Ciaran McCreesh about Paludis, the Portage alternative for Gentoo.
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RE[4]: relevancy?
by siride on Mon 17th Dec 2007 05:18 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: relevancy?"
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Why don't you just write your own OS and software stack? I mean, do you really want the guys at Gentoo deciding what kind of USE flags you get, like you're a pig feeding at a trough?

Or how about build your own hardware out of transistors and wires since we don't want some guy at IBM telling you how to make a computer?

Seriously, this line of thinking is insane. WTF does it matter if MPlayer happens to have some code to do encoding, which you yourself might one day need to make use of??? I mean, every piece of software has some parts that you probably don't make use of. But does it really buy you anything to not build some of those features? Does it really? Or does it just make you feel l33t that you can compile MPlayer without encoder support. I suspect it's the latter. Because USE flags really don't give you anything, except the ability to have less, with no real benefit to doing so.

Gentoo has its strengths with respect to control in other areas, such as not having so strong a policy on how the system should work. One thing that irks me about some binary distros is that they really only work well if you do the default install. Gentoo isn't like that. But it's not the USE flags that do that. The USE flags are to pull in n00bs who think they are so cool.

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